British Journalism has hit a new low-point.

Yesterday Brenda Leyland died by suicide after being hounded all day on Sky news for tweeting negative things about the parents of missing UK child Madeleine McCann.

Her suicide is still being reported in the context of her being a ‘twitter troll’.

Her tweets are critical – they might even stretch to libel – but there are no death threats or direct addresses.

And this is ‘non-evil troll’ Carole Malone on Brenda Leyland in The Mirror (when – as far as we knew – Brenda was still alive) :

One of these trolls, Brenda Leyland, is a church-going 60-something divorcee who lives in a pretty village in the Home Counties. She looks like a perfectly respectable woman. But of course she isn’t.

She’s a cowardly bully who hides behind her smart front door and spews her bile in secret because she doesn’t have the guts to do it in public.
This piece of work was sending up to 50 texts a day to the McCanns. But when Sky News cameras approached her she wasn’t quite so brave.
She looked like a frightened rabbit (typical). But as she was running away (also typical) she said she thought she was entitled to do what she’d done.
Really? She thinks she’s entitled to threaten, hound and bully the innocent? Is that because her own life is so lonely, so miserable, so poisoned that she wants others to suffer the same. Or is she just a twisted, fecked up bitch who gets her kicks from hurting people.

Well, newsflash for these sickos – you guys aren’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to Kate and Gerry McCann. The very worst thing that could ever happen to them already has. And they will for ever have to live with that. I truly hope all the people in that dossier are prosecuted and I hope Sky continue to confront and identify every one of them. We should all know what a black heart and a twisted mind looks like.

These idiots need to know they can no longer hide behind false names to peddle their bile.

Let’s see how brave and opinionated they are when their evil is made public alongside their names and their faces.

The rest is here :  (UPDATE – it was removed – probably for being disgusting). 

Carole feels entitled to call someone a ‘fecked up bitch’ in a national newspaper while raging about unquoted ‘texts’.

It’s true that people need to think more before they publish online. It’s not a private chat – even a direct message could end up public – but the press needs to stop using ordinary – often vulnerable – commenters to fuel a big crime/sport/celebrity story… especially when their own comments are just as hate-filled, misinformed, inflammatory and ‘possibly’ criminal.

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