“We can’t keep a fallout baby… we can’t. It could kill us”.

“We can’t kill it… it’s sick… I’d feel sick”.

Tara spent the meeting hiding in a room hoarded with furniture, curled under a table, listening through a hospital curtain. She would let it be, wouldn’t interfere, wouldn’t even look at her child. Those strangers; pressed against cabinets, leaning on windowsills, unable to even cross a room without uncomfortable maneuvers; they would commit.



x mas

Jane led Tara and Alan behind a blast wall in the black granite bunker and went into a booth.

“you won’t feel much,” she said.

There was a slight shake and eventually Tara went back to the pale smoky seafront, where three ships had grounded.

An aftershock let a lion escape the lab and Alan chased it through town before it was cornered in an Italian restaurant eating the chef.